My design is rooted in my interests in play as an adult and where play can come about in unexpected ways. I’m interested in contexts where play is usually not employed to activate a space or facilitate interaction. This piece allows movement and discovery while engaging more than just the person using it. My inspiration is from the first type of animation called phenakistoscope or zoetrope. A simple cylinder that has illustrations on the interior and the only way to see in is through little slits on the side. When its spins the illustration magically becomes an animation. In my scaled up version, the cylinder or drum is not load bearing and is attached to an aluminum Lazy-Susan for a smooth turn. I plan to have a “top” to the zoetrope that acts as an upholstered ottoman. This piece will be made of  1/8 in bent ply for the spinning drum and the rest will be a mixture of sold wood and ply depending on what is being upholstered. I plan to create slots for each illustration so the are removable. I will start with a spider animation to pay homage to little Ms Muffet. 


Preliminary Design

Final Draft