Find the alternative to the emergency room.


America is misusing the emergency department causing overcrowding, longer waiting time, lower quality of care, decrease patient satisfaction, and even higher rates of mortality. (- American College of Emergency Physicians, ACEP

About Project: This work was part of my thesis during my Masters in Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design.

Taken at the Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department

Taken at the Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department


Contextual inquiry, user and stakeholder interviews, shadow doctors, nurses and technicians. in E.D. (Emergency Department)

In advance of site visit, I created a diagram of what I thought a patient’s journey would be depending on their condition and had staff correct and add to help me better understand the patients' touch points with staff and with out staff. 



Feedback: Users found that they wanted information first before they entered more about themselves. When in pain, patients are interested in where to find the best care fast and deal with medical history later. This informed my flow of the app to present information options first.