Innovation department of Liberty Mutual


Redesign the old website and blog to better reflect what is currently going on in the lab. The main target is recruitment but also is used for internal employees interested in seeing what the innovation department is up to. 

Timeframe: 3 weeks in total

Company: Solaria Labs a Liberty Mutual Endeavor

My Role: Lead UX Designer

Transforming Solaria Labs to Better Reflect Who We Are old-01.png

Original Solaria Labs


Redesigned Solaria Labs

Home Page: Initial Designs

Both Desktop and Mobile friendly designs. Worked with our marketing team to present key information about Solaria, ie.mission, current Work, process


Blog: We made the switch to Medium


Problem: We were not seeing enough traffic to our blogs on our site and we were constantly behind getting members of the lab to submit posts.

Why we Chose Medium: Medium allowed our team to create an seamless submission, review, and posting process for our blog. We usually had to email multiple people for approval then they would edit and run through legal, this created a barrier for people to want to submit because the process would take too long and they no long felt ownership. My coworker and I presented this process to: alleviate posting delay, encourage more coworkers to submit and Medium was a great way to reach a larger audience that fit our human-centered, tech and design focus. With thousands of people seeing our posts on relevant content we are see a big difference in engagement. A little switch that made a BIG difference.


System: Developing a Design System to Help the Lab Work Efficiently

This was also a great opportunity to create a public-facing resource— an externally visible brand book — that could act as a window into how we work as a lab. I worked with one other UX designer to create a DSM and shared confluence for the lab in a 2 day hackathon! Currently writing up a medium blog post detailing out the experience.