RISD Museum | Installation Assistant

My role at the RISD Museum is to create schematic and construction documentation for new installations and casework. Documentation in Sketchup and Layout. Luminous Lace is an example installation where I created the documentation and helped curate. The installation is currently in the museum on view until July 30, 2017 


Donghia Gallery | Luminous Lace Textile Installation

Lacemaking is one of fashion’s most time-consuming embellishment enterprises. When lace is made using gold, silver, and other metals, that investment in craft—and value—is compounded, signaling wealth and luxury. Dating from the 16th to the 21st centuries, these metallic-lace fashions and accessories attest to the impulse in Western fashion history to capture the fire of the sun and bring that spotlight, prestige, and implied spiritual power to the wearer.

One of the goals of this exhibition is to highlight the lace by creating floating lace objects that surround the Dutch painting.  The lace was sewn by hand to laser cut plexiglass sheets customized to fit each artifact. 

Preliminary Schematic Design

Visualization Through Space

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