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One of the main opportunities identified in my site visit was a lack of tools for the patient and caretakers to keep track of whats going on and what needs to get done while in the emergency department.


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Dr. Rozzo uses the back of a patient's slip to explain the potential heart blockage they suffer from based on what the "P" waves reveal. - Emergency Department Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

" When I have a question I can tell the difference between staff so I just ask the first person"

- Virginia, Christ Hospital Patient

"I started to wear my white coat again, even though the hospital won't clean it and its really hot. Patients respond better when they see it. They know I'm the doctor."

- Dr. Rozzo, Christ Hospital


I created a document to see what patient and caretakers might find helpful in times when they are in the emergency department waiting. I sent the "Sudden Checklist" out to 5 caretakers and patients who I spoke previous to about their needs. They added notes and suggestions for the content of the tool. I later iterated with a booklet version and received feedback on users thoughts on the order of the sections.




Caretakers liked the "symptoms" and "questions for doctor" as it creates a record for patients to look at later while they wait and process all the information. However, the page of fourth party business to help in an emergency situation, like babysitters and pet sitters, did not go over well.

"I don't like that I wouldn't have had a chance to fully screen the person before they babysat my child"

- Melissa, Caretaker and Mother